Teaching, Dissemination, Credits and Credit Transfer

The Westlake International Summer School and Symposium on
Smart City Innovations

The project will respond to new needs by addressing subject areas which are of increasing importance in today’s world.  The project will provide a far wider span of knowledge in the offered subject areas than could be provided by a single course. For students, it will seek to stimulate interest in research and practical application of the things learned to help solve real-world problems.

Teaching Materials and Dissemination

All teaching materials used in the summer school will be developed in a multimedia environment.
A dedicated website is available and will ultimately hold these material, so that they are readily available for further use by partners at their home institutions. This will allow the impact of the summer school to extend far beyond those that actually attend.
A learning management system (LMS) will be employed (e.g. the open source system Moodle).
For each topic there will be a lecture overview containing the title, list of aims and objectives, a PowerPoint presentation and accompanying lecture notes, a list of reading material for students to pursue the topic further and, where applicable, a worksheet with sample solutions.

Credits and Credit Transfer

The teachers responsible for the delivery of the modules will also be responsible for assessing the course work completed by the students.  Each participating institution involved will agree to recognise the academic credit gained by their students.

The European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) will be recommended for students from European institutions. Although the institutions will ultimately decide on how to award credit points, the recommendation is that the summer school will be associated with 2.5 to 5.0 credit points. To achieve full credit, additional course work could be required (e.g. an R&D project) that will be defined and supervised by the responsible lecturer(s).