Aims and Objective

The Westlake International Symposium on
Smart City Innovations

The main objective of this Summer School (WiSCi) is to bring together international students and academics, in order to increase their exposure to emerging innovative technologies related to the sustainable development of Smart Cities.

The area of smart cities has been developing strongly, predominantly because of the constant urbanization of our world. Today, about 50% of the human population worldwide is living in cities. Therefore the strategies, the design and the development of these digital urban environments is of very high importance. Through the addition of digital intelligence, existing urban systems will be transformed into smart cities.

Seven dimensions are generally distinguished, namely

  • Smart Environment (Energy, Water, Smart Grids)
  • Smart Living (eHealth, Smart Healthcare)
  • Transport (Smart Mobility)
  • Smart Governance
  • Smart Economy
  • Smart Citizen
  • Smart Education

In all these dimensions digital transformations are taking place. The underlying technologies will be the major focus of the WiSCi Summer School. They have undergone a very fast adaption and extension, leading to the development of new highly networked sensor and actuator devices, powerful software tools, as well as the refinement of mathematical algorithms allowing the long envisioned realization of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data applications.

The use of these technologies in our daily life has increased, covering aspects like home automation and control, automobile technology, health/life sciences or even issues related to teaching and learning (smart education). Ubiquitous and Pervasive Computing have been covering these ideas and are now extended into wider areas, extending the previous Smart Homes into Smart Cities. This indicates the importance of the user and context centered approaches. In China alone more than 500 cities will start or have already started the transformation in to smart cities.


Official Language

The official language of the summer school will be English.



Faculty of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
Kiel University of Applied Sciences
Kiel, Germany

WU Hongkuan
School of International Education
China Jiliang University (CJLU)
Hangzhou, China