Target Audience – Mobility of Students and Lecturers

The Westlake International Summer School and Symposium on
Smart City Innovations

The program is primarily aimed at technology-oriented/interested students (CS, IT, etc.) in the final year of undergraduate studies (bachelor level) and those in their post graduate studies (master level).

It is also addressing academics that already have experience in the relevant areas. For these participants the summer school will be an event of mutual benefit, while for students it will stimulate their interest in research and application of the things learned.

The summer school will expose students to diverse now converging technologies. Furthermore students will have the opportunity to meet with academics of the different areas of specialization and discuss with them the possibilities of continuing and enhancing their studies, e.g. taking advantage of educational programs offered by the participating institution.

These institutions will get access to new technologies and improve their expertise necessary to develop or extend their bachelor and master degree programmes. Ultimately this will help the supporting institutions to attract more students.

All institutions and participants involved in the summer school already have some knowledge of the subjects but none has the capacity to completely cover this highly dynamic and fast developing area of study.

The summer school will lead to an increase of student and staff exchange and will help to improve the quality of the international collaboration. As a direct consequence of this event, a network of academic institutions will be implemented to support teaching cooperations as well as joint R&D projects.

The duration of the summer school will be two weeks, involving five to six international lecturers. Students will be awarded a certificate of achievement and credit points (a maximum of 5 ECTS cps are suggested for students from Europe), so that the successful participation can be recognized in their respective home institutions.