Location - Hangzhou

The Westlake International Symposium on
Smart City Innovations

The WiSCi Symposium will be held in the city of Hangzhou (in the history also know as “Kinsai, Quinsai, Hangchow” and more variations), the capital of the Zhejiang Province in Eastern China. Today it has a population of around 10 Million people (referring to the Prefecture-level and Sub-provincial city).

Hangzhou became famous through the travel reports of Marco Polo who presumabely visited Hangzhou several times in the 13th century. Impressed by its beauty he called it a noble and magnificent city, and named it “The City of Heaven” (“La città del cielo” in his book originally published in Italian under the title “Il Milione”).


There is a famous Chinese proverb that expresses the worship of Hangzhou:

"In heaven there is Paradise, down on Earth there are Suzhou and Hangzhou!"

(Suzhou refers to another famous city close to Hangzhou).



Several magnificent videos are available introducing the Zhejiang Province, the City of Hangzhou, and the Westlage.

The following list just gives a few limited examples.
Some of these videos have been produced as promotional material for the G20 summit held in Hangzhou in 2016:

Many more videos are available on the Internet.